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Whether a fun day trip locally or travel abroad, I really value traveling. Discover a variety of destinations.

Our new build, just outside of Saint Paul, Minnesota, is bright and cozy. Follow along with our decor journey.

Discover posts about week-by-week pregnancy, motherhood, and products I've used and recommend.

Discover personal blog posts about everyday life — recipes we're trying, products I'm enjoying, and more.

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Since 2013, I have been honored to be featured by a variety of physical and digital publications worldwide — businesses, magazines, podcasts — to share about small business ownership, lifestyle topics, and more. How can we work together? Contact Kelly Zugay

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Loving Lately

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A curated collection of products and resources — and a directory of mother-owned small businesses — for mothers.

Creating balance, ease, and opportunity for multifaceted mothers.

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Weekly marketing tips for small business owners.

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