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Our Spring Babymoon in Miami, Florida

Ben and I have returned from our spring babymoon in Miami, Florida! From our stay at The Betsy and massages at Kalma Spa — to trying so many different cuisines and restaurants, we are both so glad we had an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation together in Miami before Teeny arrives in June. Here are my favorite moments from our trip:

Babymoon in Miami, Florida - The Besty Hotel, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, South Beach, Babymoon, Tropical Babymoon, Spring Babymoon - Kelly Zugay
Babymoon in Miami, Florida - The Besty Hotel, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, South Beach, Babymoon, Tropical Babymoon, Spring Babymoon - Kelly Zugay
Babymoon in Miami, Florida - The Besty Hotel, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, South Beach, Babymoon, Tropical Babymoon, Spring Babymoon - Kelly Zugay - 29
Babymoon in Miami, Florida - The Besty Hotel, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, South Beach, Babymoon, Tropical Babymoon, Spring Babymoon - Kelly Zugay
Babymoon in Miami, Florida - The Besty Hotel, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, South Beach, Babymoon, Tropical Babymoon, Spring Babymoon - Kelly Zugay

Spring Babymoon in Miami, Florida

The Betsy Hotel for Spring Babymoon in Miami, Florida

We stayed at The Betsy Hotel — located on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. Ben and I agreed our hotel was our favorite detail of our trip. Its location was on the very end of Ocean Drive, on a corner where Ocean Drive is open solely for pedestrians.

Everyone at The Betsy was so kind and generous — congratulating us on our pregnancy, and going above and beyond to help us feel really welcome. We stayed in a Classic King room — and I was so excited when our room featured leafy wallpaper. I was really hoping our room would feel tropical and help kick off our vacation — and it did!

The Betsy has two pools — a courtyard pool and a rooftop pool — and we visited both during our stay. The courtyard pool was quieter, shady, and more relaxing, and the rooftop pool was where we could have lunch and enjoy the sunshine.

Every morning, we had breakfast at The Betsy, where we sat on the porch overlooking Ocean Drive. Ben and I agreed having breakfast on the porch every morning was our favorite way to begin each day. It was busy with people yet quiet and serene, too. The Betsy has so much to offer — but is also within walking distance of so many coffee shops, restaurants, and attractions, making it a really special and unique place to stay.

On the first full day of our trip, we walked from The Betsy to Hotel Victor for a couples’ massage at Kalma Spa. With the pregnancy-related hip pain I’ve been experiencing, beginning our trip with a massage was so, so helpful.

Each day, we walked across Ocean Drive to reach the ocean. The hotel had reserved beach chairs and umbrellas for guests, so we reserved our chairs and umbrella each morning and could come and go as we wanted all day.

Over our 5 days away, we primarily bounced from our hotel to our hotel pools or to the beach, which — for a babymoon — was exactly what we both wanted and needed. We walked slowly, tried lots of delicious food, which I’ll share about below, and talked about our hopes for parenting and for Teeny.

Restaurants for Spring Babymoon in Miami, Florida

Beyond our hotel, hotel pools, and the beach, we enjoyed lots of amazing food while in Miami. While my appetite still isn’t what it once was, I really did enjoy trying many different cuisines and having slow, leisurely dinners with Ben. While in Miami Beach, we visited:

  • Oh! Mexico: Upon arriving, we walked from The Betsy to Oh! Mexico. We enjoyed chips, guacamole, and cauliflower tacos — a perfect meal for beginning a sunny vacation!
  • Havana 1957: There are so many awesome Cuban restaurants to choose from in Miami Beach, and Ben hoped to have an authentic Cuban meal during our trip. Ben enjoyed his authentic meal, I had an amazing salad and plantain chips with guacamole.
  • Espanola Way: Espanola Way was located just a couple of blocks from The Betsy, so we walked there a few times over the course of our trip and enjoyed a few different restaurants! Espanola Way is a pedestrian street with string lights, restaurants, music, and more — and was a really fun, easy place to walk and enjoy.
  • Paperfish: In the 80-degree weather, we wanted something fresh and light for dinner — so we had avocado rolls and edamame at Paperfish. The atmosphere and decor were really fun and welcoming.
  • Tropezon: This was one of my favorite restaurants of our trip — a Spanish tapas restaurant where we had pan con tomate. It was delicious! We enjoyed our appetizer while the sun was setting, and it was just a really beautiful, relaxing evening.
  • The Drexel: This was another of my favorite restaurants of our trip, located just nextdoor to Tropezon. After having tapas at Tropezon, we went for a walk, and then had dinner at The Drexel. Ben had gnocchi, and I had spaghetti!
  • Time Out Market Miami: I was so excited to visit Time Out Market, because I knew it would be similar to the food halls we have here in Minnesota. Below are the restaurants at Time Out Market we visited over the course of our trip:
  • Plants & Bowls: Ben was craving something totally plant-based, so he enjoyed a salad from Plants & Bowls. We arrived after lunch, so although Plants & Bowls offers vegan empanadas, they were unavailable — otherwise I definitely would have tried one!
  • Pho Mo: I made the funny decision to have soup on an 80-degree day, and I enjoyed mushroom pho from Pho Mo!
  • Baklava Bakery: Ben ordered a Turkish coffee, while I had vegan baklava! Yum.
  • The Rogue Panda: On our final day, we ordered The Rogue Panda via Uber Eats. The Rogue Panda offers all vegan food — and we enjoyed dumplings, brussels sprouts, cucumbers, and rice.

Overall, I am so happy we had our babymoon in Miami! I’ll always cherish and remember our peaceful breakfasts on the porch of The Betsy, our slow walks down Ocean Drive, along the beach, and down Espanola Way, and being able to discuss our hopes and dreams for parenthood and for our growing family. I can hardly believe we’re just 3 months away from welcoming Teeny to our family!

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