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We're Ben and Kelly Zugay, and we're on a mission to live small and give big!

Since 2015, we've been on a renovating and decorating our well-loved 800 square foot condo — our home on Harvest!

When we're not biking, hiking, kayaking, and enjoying beautiful western Wisconsin, Ben is a a university-level entrepreneurship educator and I'm a small business owner.

Ben & Kelly

This summer, we’ve been super busy renovating, painting, and decorating our condo. In the midst of all the hard work, I’ve asked myself — why don’t we just move in someplace already finished? Then I remember our home on Harvest is all about the journey; we wanted to challenge ourselves to live small and give big […]


Last weekend, Ben and I spontaneously decided to go on a road trip from Wisconsin to Nashville, Tennessee. In life, it seems like the older we get, the less spontaneous we are. Why is that?! Thankfully, Ben is adventurous and always encourages me to do what I’m afraid or nervous to do… so to Nashville we […]


Over the past few weeks, Ben and I have been working on updating our condo, little by little. Today, I’m excited to share an in-progress guest bedroom update! We started by painting both our guest bedroom and master bedroom Delicate White by Pittsburgh Paints. Prior to being Delicate White both rooms were different shades of […]

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Last weekend, Ben and I traveled to southeastern Wisconsin for Memorial Day weekend. It was a really full and fun weekend with family, and although I didn’t take too many photos of our adventures, I love the ones I did capture! I visited Boxed and Burlap a couple of times, because it’s 3 of my favorite […]


Even though Ben and I have lived in our condo for almost 3 full years, we’re still chiseling away at fully furnishing and decorating each room. In winter, it’s too cold to open up the windows and do major home projects, and in summer, it’s too nice outside to stay inside to do home projects — […]


Over the past 10 years or so, Ben and I have had a conversation that goes something like: “I always believed when I turned _, I’d have everything figured out!” Well, 18, 20, 25, and 30 have come and gone — and the only thing I know for sure is: We’ll never have everything figured out. […]


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