This fall, Ben will be starting to earn his Doctorate, so he is in need a more dedicated office space. (AKA He is ready to stop working from our dining table!) My “office” used to be in our guest bedroom, and now it’s in our master bedroom. Ben loves the natural light in our guest […]

Our condo was built in 1982. In my opinion, the 80s were filled with a lot of interesting decorating choices — like popcorn ceilings, dark wood, and almond-colored everything. (What was so bad about white appliances?!) When we moved in, our condo definitely looked like 1982 in condo-form, but Ben was able to see through the cosmetic […]

Just over 2 years ago, Ben and I bought a condo in a small town, right next to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. (Just one block away from Eau Claire!) When we closed on our condo, we had about 1 month to complete our renovations while living in our rental townhouse. In the end, we moved in […]