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Here, you'll find my Travel Guides, filled with my personal recommendations. I hope they encourage and inspire you in your travels!


As you may know, I recently decided to become a Beautycounter Consultant. Lately, I have been pursuing wellness wholeheartedly, so when I learned about Beautycounter’s mission to put safe beauty products in the hands of as many people as possible, I was so excited to help! Now that I have been using Beautycounter for 3 months, I’m […]


Is it just me, or are pomegranates the most beautiful color ever? The further I go in my plant-based diet journey, the more I discover how beautiful whole foods are. It’s kind of amazing how small lifestyle changes — like eating more fruits and vegetables, or choosing clean, safe beauty products — can change your life in major […]


November is absolutely flying by! Over the weekend, Ben and I celebrated his birthday as well as our 8 year anniversary! (More on those celebrations soon!) Today, though, I’m excited to share a vegan veggie wrap recipe! It’s a quick, simple, and easy recipe that is both delicious and healthy! I’ve been vegan for 6 months, and […]


This weekend was filled with all kinds of fall festivities — from pumpkin carving to visiting a haunted house. Now, the air is crisp and cool, the leaves have fallen, and cold, cold weather is just around the corner. Today, I’m excited to share all about my favorite products for keeping your hair healthy in fall! In […]


I once read that the very first thing you do in the morning sets the tone for your entire day. You may press ‘snooze’ over and over, scroll through your e-mail or Instagram, or rush to your computer to begin your day. Last year, I rushed to my computer to begin my day — and it led to serious overwhelm. This […]

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Summer is just around the corner; a season filled with travel, fresh recipes from my garden, and colorful summer accessories. Here are my top picks:

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