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A Minnesota-based motherhood, lifestyle, and home décor blog created by Kelly Zugay — Founder of Made by Motherhood.

Second Trimester of Pregnancy: Weeks 14-18

Our second trimester is underway, and so far, it’s been much better than our first trimester when I was continuously nauseous and exhausted. Friends and family mentioned the second trimester would be better, and by Week 15, I had regained some energy, and I began to feel more like myself. Here’s a recap of Weeks 14-18!

Second Trimester of Pregnancy: Weeks 14-18

Week 14 of Pregnancy

Week 14 was our final week of work before holiday break! The week didn’t go quite as planned due to severe weather — so rather than traveling to Wisconsin and Chicago, Ben and I stayed in Minnesota for the holiday season. The “Real Feel” temperature reached -30° so we stayed home for a couple of days while the weather passed through. A few places we visited over the course of the holiday weekend were the Mall of America, W.A. Frost, and Backstory Coffee. We played board games with Andra and Brent, and had a really low key week and weekend overall.

From a pregnancy perspective, I noticed I began feeling better overall — having more energy, and feeling more like myself. My appetite increased, though I still have very specific preferences: fruits and cold foods are still my favorites, while warm foods are less appealing. (It’s so strange to me — but so real!)

Week 15 of Pregnancy

Week 15 began with my 35th birthday, when I finally announced our pregnancy online here, here, and here. Reading so many kind words and well-wishes really made my day. Since sharing our news, I’ve just been really inspired and encouraged by people’s kindness and generosity.

Week 15 was so much fun, because we had an entire week of holiday break ahead! On my birthday, Ben and I had brunch at Yum, visited Science Museum of Minnesota, and made one of my favorite Purple Carrot recipes for dinner! Later in the week, we celebrated with friends by having dinner at STEPCHLD and dessert at The Hewing.

Week 15 was when my baby bump really began to pop! Luckily, I had determined which maternity leggings I feel most comfortable in, so I was able to dress comfortably all week long. I’ve been living in these leggings and these sweatshirts — I bought the same leggings and sweatshirts in multiple colors — because they are so comfortable!

I’ve also started making a more nutrient-dense smoothie recipe with our Vitamix: unsweetened almond milk, ground flaxseed, unsweetened dried prunes or dates, walnuts, frozen mixed berries, banana, and a handful of baby kale. (This study shares the ways dates can be helpful for labor!)

Week 16 of Pregnancy

By the beginning of Week 16, our new baby niece — Teeny’s new cousin — Harper made her arrival! She is so precious, and we are so excited to travel to Chicago to meet her in the coming months!

In Week 16, we returned from holiday break at With Grace and Gold, and we began a fresh new year with new goals and hopes for the future. (This June, we’ll celebrate our 9th year in business!)

I believe I began to feel flutters, but I’m always second-guessing myself! My appetite has increased, and I’ve got more energy overall. It’s so, so nice to turn a corner after such a nauseating few months!

Week 16 ended in a very challenging and emotional way: I had received my carrier screening 3 weeks earlier, which showed I am a carrier for a specific condition. Then, Ben received his carrier screening on Friday of Week 16, which showed he is a carrier for the same specific condition. Honestly, we were devastated. Very quickly — the same day — our doctor connected us with a genetic counselor. Our genetic counselor was an actual angel on earth; she walked us through our very specific circumstances, and she was able to put our minds at ease regarding the health of our baby.

Over the weekend, we had dinner with friends, visited one of our favorite coffee shops, followed by one of our favorite plant and home decor shops — and enjoyed a wintery weekend.

Week 17 of Pregnancy

Week 17 was busy! With the new year officially underway, With Grace and Gold has kicked off an already-busy quarter. Following the busy work week, our week concluded with a OBGYN appointment — where we got to hear Teeny’s heartbeat. (For me, it’s been the best feeling ever and will never get old!) We had a few specific questions for my doctor, and I’ve found it’s been a relief to hear when our concerns and questions are “normal.”

We ended the week with a somewhat unexpected drive to Illinois to meet our baby niece, Harper! I have to say: Holding a newborn baby while being pregnant myself was a bit surreal — especially because Ben and I had gone so many years uncertain about whether we wanted to grow our family. Now, holding a newborn baby — Teeny’s cousin! — and being pregnant myself just feels like a dream come true.

We celebrated our postponed Christmas with family, and Teeny even received a few gifts — one of which made me cry: a onesie Ben wore when he was a baby. It’s so fun to gather up books, stuffed animals, and clothes for our baby (!) and it’s making everything feel more real and exciting.

Week 18 of Pregnancy

I feel like I’m continuing to turn a corner when it comes to nausea. (Yay!) This week, I had a full, regular-sized meal — and I didn’t gag on anything! Over these past several weeks, I’ve been caught off guard by what disgusts me: cauliflower, warm food, salsa… My nausea has been a bit unpredictable at times!

Out of desperation, I ordered some smoothies from Daily Harvest, simply so I could try and get a better variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Because smoothies are cold, and our Vitamix can ensure there isn’t so much texture (Yuck!) smoothies have been a real lifesaver.

This week, my bump is of course bigger than ever before, and I’ve found I just really enjoy its current size! There’s still a bit of an unusual feeling when I’m sleeping — but overall, it’s easy for me to maneuver, and I can still do all of the same exercising and stretching I had always done. While it was challenging to figure out what to wear at first, I now have a few go-to sweaters and yoga pants I am living in. I’m just really grateful to be comfortable and cozy.

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