While Ben and I were visiting Seattle, Washington, we decided to take a 2-day trip to Victoria, Canada! We used the Clipper Ferry — which was a really seamless, fun trip from Seattle to Victoria. It’s a 2 hour and 45 minute trip, but the ferry is super comfortable, and the scenery is beautiful! When we boarded […]

Last week, Ben and I traveled to Seattle, Washington for a 5-day vacation! Ben’s school year officially ended on Friday, and the very next day, we hopped on a plane to the west coast! We stayed at Pan Pacific Seattle — a hotel located in downtown Seattle. Our hotel was located in a really walkable area — close to […]

I’ve been back home in Wisconsin for about one week — still getting reorganized and getting back to my normal routine. I love traveling, but I also love routine — having my favorite smoothie for breakfast, working from my sunny living room, watering my little herb garden, and going to yoga when the workday is done. (I […]