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Spiralizing is a super fun and unique way to eat vegetables. 


This book has changed my life - including my approach to consuming, cleaning, and organizing.



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Lately, it’s been rare for Ben and I to have a weekend at home — but this weekend was one of those weekends! We were able to just enjoy our city and experience a beautiful summer weekend.

On Friday, we started our weekend with date night at a new-ish restaurant. We didn’t plan on going out for dinner, but by the end of the week, I tend to have ‘cabin fever’ from working from our house all week long. After dinner, we went for a walk in the community garden we used to live near. It was so pretty during sunset, so I snapped a few pictures:

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On Saturday, we did a little bit of everything:

  • We visited the farmers’ market. On Saturdays when we’re free, the farmers’ market is our favorite place to go. Last Saturday, we picked up a snack, sat in the park, and competed in German lessons.
  • We went kayaking on the lake. We now live a couple of minutes away from a lake — so we took our kayaks to the beach. The weather was perfect; we really lucked out!
  • We cooked dinner (Vegan portobello burger recipe coming soon!) and after dinner, we went stargazing. Every weekend, there’s a stargazing event at the local observatory. We got to see the moon in really vivid detail — along with Jupiter and Saturn. It was so cool!

Although Sunday is usually a day of rest, we cleaned our house from top to bottom. Next week, I’ll be traveling to Denver, and the week after that, Ben and I will be traveling to Europe. We wanted to clean and get organized before packing for our trip(s)! Overall, it was a really nice weekend at home! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too! :-)


Weekends with The Zugays


July 11, 2016



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