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Spiralizing is a super fun and unique way to eat vegetables. 


This book has changed my life - including my approach to consuming, cleaning, and organizing.



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Spring is finally here! Last weekend, I traveled to Iowa for a conference, and I was so excited to see everything blossoming! Traveling to Iowa was my last trip after a very busy spring in San Diego, Charleston, Washington DC, and Annapolis. Now, I’m excited to have zero trips planned from now until July — and I’m excited to pursue a springtime bucket list, too!

Kelly Zugay | LIfe and Style Blog | Springtime Bucket List

In Wisconsin, springtime is a little iffy! It can be warm and sunny on Monday and snowing on Tuesday. Nevertheless, when warmer weather makes its debut, I can’t help but get excited and start daydreaming of everything I’d like to do! Here are a few of my favorites for spring:

Springtime Bucket List
  1. Visit the Farmers’ Market. Visiting the farmers’ market is one of my all-time favorite things to do. It’s basically my happy place! Our farmers’ market is starting soon, and I’m really excited to go!
  2. Grow a garden. This weekend, I’ll be starting my garden. Gardening is definitely a learning process, so I try to stick to what is easy to grow, like tomatoes! (Perfect for my guacamole recipe!) This summer, I’m excited to plant a variety of vegetables, strawberries, flowers, and decorative grasses!
  3. Go biking. Biking, to me, is like running. . . but so much better! It’s not only great exercise, but it’s also a great way to get out and see your community. More and more cities are adding bike lanes to their roads, so you can choose whether you’d like to go biking on a country road or more toward your downtown area.
  4. Try a new restaurant . . .  and sit outside. When Ben and I first moved to Western Wisconsin, our hobby became trying new restaurants. (When you move to a city where you don’t yet know anyone, going out and learning about the city is something fun to do!) Nothing is better than starting a new season, someplace new!
  5. Spring clean. Spring cleaning is not only good for your house, but it’s good for your soul. (Here’s how!) Spring is the perfect season for starting fresh!
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What’s on your springtime bucket list? Share in the comments below!


Springtime Bucket List


April 20, 2016



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