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When I first committed to running a 5K, I did not set myself up for success; I found myself tugging up my leggings, and developing runner's knee from uncomfortable shoes. Since then, I've really valued finding high-quality activewear so I am able to focus on working hard, rather than struggling to be comfortable. 

Below, you'll find some of my favorite activewear pieces; my personal favorite are New Balance shoes, which have been a game-changer!


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After some trial and error, I finally found my favorite pair of running shoes: New Balance FuelCell Propel running shoes. I love these shoes, because they offer just the right amount of cushion, while still being responsive enough while I run each day.

New Balance shoes also come in a wide variety of widths, which I find to be really helpful when it comes to finding the perfect shoe to feel comfortable in, no matter the distances you run.

After fracturing my foot in early 2020, these shoes have been my go-to for creating a really supportive, fun, and safe run.

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