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Spiralizing is a super fun and unique way to eat vegetables. 


This book has changed my life - including my approach to consuming, cleaning, and organizing.



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When it comes to beauty products, I am always interested in learning about new products. I love visiting the beauty aisle at Target, searching for the latest products to try. (My Birchbox subscription has helped me to find products I love without spending a ton!) Today, I’m sharing a few of my recent beauty buys — some of which aren’t exactly buys since they were part of the beautifully curated gift bag we received at Create + Cultivate.

Take a peek:

Beauty Products-2908

Although I wash my hair every morning (I know, it’s not very healthy!) I do use dry shampoo every now and then to freshen up my hair after a long day.  This Kevin.Murphy Dry Shampoo was included in our Create + Cultivate gift bag, and I love it.  It smells great, it’s lightweight, and it really does freshen my hair right up!  I’m convinced it provides even more volume, too!

Beauty Products-2912

Simple is another favorite beauty brand of mine. I really appreciate chemical-free skincare products, so I love Simple’s Moisturizer with SPF. With my very pale skin, I have learned the importance of wearing SPF every single day. Products like this are a great reminder that you can have moisture and sun protection at the same time.

Beauty Products-2919

From Evian Facial Spray to Nüface Optimizing Mist Anti-Aging Infusion Spray, I love facial sprays and mists.  Nüface Optimizing Mist is the best-scented, best-feeling facial mist ever.  I put it on after washing my face in the morning, and it’s super soothing!

Finally, I can’t say enough about Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.  I had an opportunity to try other colors at Birchbox’s Pop-Up in Chicago last weekend, and I was so impressed when it lasted all day.

Do you have any recent favorite beauty products?  Share in the comments below!



Recent Beauty Buys


August 20, 2015



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