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Every place we’ve lived — from our first apartment, to our condo, to our current house — Ben and I have always used our guest bedroom as both a guest bedroom and an office. I love decorating so much, and our guest bedroom has always been a challenge for me to decorate, because it has to serve two unique purposes in a small space.

The house we are building in Minnesota has two bedrooms, a den, and a loft. I’ll be using the den for my office, and Ben will be using the loft for his office — which means we’ll finally have a guest bedroom that is only a guest bedroom. Because we’ll be living so far away from family, having a dedicated space for guests means so much — and will make having company easier, too!

Today, I wanted to share some guest bedroom inspiration — some preliminary ideas I have for decorating our guest bedroom and creating a cozy, functional space.

Guest Bedroom Inspiration

Overall, my vision for our guest bedroom is to create a cozy, organic space with lots of natural colors and textures. Because it will be a fully-dedicated guest bedroom, I really want it to feel like a lived-in getaway.

  1. Wall Hooks. When making our design choices, we removed the coat closet from our entryway. We removed it, because we arched all of our hallways and wanted our arched hallway to be a focal point — rather than be blocked by the coat closet. That being said, having wall hooks is going to be really helpful and functional in our guest bedroom. Our guest bedroom is just off the entryway, so having a quick and easy place to hang things will be really handy!
  2. Brass Sconces. I was never a sconce person, but the model home in our neighborhood uses sconces everywhere: in the guest bedroom, in the hallway, in the bathrooms… so they’ve really grown on me! I think, in addition to being simple and easy, having dimmable sconces will create a really cozy feeling!
  3. Tufted Bed. This tufted bed is something we already own, and I just love it so much! It’s very simple, but very cozy — and very neutral. Choosing neutral decor is something I value.
  4. KT Merry Print. I have had this print by KT Merry bookmarked for several weeks now. The light, the colors — and of course the animals — make me so happy! Not only is it so beautiful, but purchasing it also benefits wildlife conservation organizations.
  5. Rattan Lamp. I want the guest bedroom to feel really natural, organic, and cozy — so I love the texture of this rattan lamp. It’s subtle, yet warm.
  6. Wooden Dresser. This wooden dresser is so, so beautiful! It’s a little bit darker than the rest of the decor, which again, warms everything up. I also love the layout of the drawers and think it would be really helpful for longer stays.
  7. Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Lastly, a faux fiddle leaf fig tree! I could also envision an olive tree, too! I saw an olive tree in real life when Ben and I went to California last fall, and the colors are so beautiful and cozy.

Of course, I’m sure my vision will change 1,000 times — especially once we’ve moved in and can get a feel for how all the design choices we made come together!


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I'm Kelly — a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and I'm so glad you're here. Here, you'll find resources and recipes for health and wellness. I'm also sharing our home building journey (#ourheartmadehome) and I hope you'll follow along!

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