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This book has changed my life - including my approach to consuming, cleaning, and organizing.



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Hello, and happy weekend!  I think it’s safe to say that my husband and I have reached the ‘other side’ of our challenging month! We’ve experienced so much, and I’m so happy that we’re making our way back to ‘normal’ – slowly but surely!

Since our flood, we realized we often have way more than we need, so we decided to take our time replacing and redecorating. Now that our painting is finished, I’m really enjoying completing little (simpler) projects – like a DIY backsplash behind our oven, and little touch-ups!

So far, our living room is our most complete room, and I’m so excited to share a living room update below!

Living Room Update

Living Room Update Living Room Update

My favorite living room update is the paint color we chose for our walls! When we moved in, the walls were a very funky yellow, with a dark brown accent wall — and we chose to update the living room with a light gray paint color. All of our paints are from Nautica Paint, and this is Sailing Salt!

Living Room Update

I wanted to stick with the ‘nautical’ theme of our paint colors, because I love nautical decor – so you’ll find coral and other nautical decor throughout our living room. Our previous living room decor was a bit bolder, with reds and yellows, so I really love the tranquil white, gray, and blue we’ve settled on for our current living room decor!

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I’m so excited to show more of our condo throughout the summer. We’ve got some really exciting plans this summer — day trips and staycations — and I couldn’t feel luckier to be moving forward.

Thanks so much for following along — and have a wonderful weekend!



Our Home on Harvest | Living Room Update


June 19, 2015



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