Kelly Zugay is a Saint Paul, Minnesota content creator with a focus on plant-based vegan recipes, home decor, and travel.

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One aspect of moving I am really excited about is having a home office. Right now, Ben and I are both working from bedrooms; my desk is in our bedroom, and his desk is in our guest bedroom.

When I first became a small business owner, I was uncertain about the necessity of a dedicated office space. Now, nearly seven years later, I can definitely understand how valuable having a dedicated space can be — a place where I can compartmentalize work and the workday.

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So, I put together some ideas of how I’d like to use and decorate my office:

  1. Burrow Sofa. Ben introduced me to Burrow after hearing a podcast ad. I love how customizable their furniture is — and how modern the styles are. I customized a sectional on their website — with a cream color, gold legs, a chaise, and an ottoman. They also have a sleeper sofa option, which could be perfect if we ever need my office to be available as a guest room, too.
  2. Faux Olive Tree. I purchased a faux olive tree from the Threshold/Studio McGee collection at Target, and I love the colors so much! When Ben and I went to Newport Beach a couple of years ago, I saw real olive trees for the first time — and I’ve loved them so much ever since!
  3. Area Rug. I purchased this area rug from the Threshold/Studio McGee collection at Target. It’s still wrapped up from when it was delivered last fall — but I thought it’d be perfect for a future office space.
  4. Lift-Top Desk. When Ben and I moved in 2019, I bought this lift-top desk from Ashley Furniture. I love that it has a classic style since so many standing desks have a modern style.
  5. Yoga Mat. My new office will likely be the only space we have available for exercise equipment, too — so I sort of envisioned using the far corner of the office as a space for storing my yoga mat and our…
  6. Peloton. I use our Peloton every day. Not only is my office likely the only space we have available for our Peloton, but I also think having it in my office will again help me to further separate work-time and home-time!
  7. Basket. I just really love baskets for storage, so whether I store my Peloton towels there or my yoga mat, I think using baskets will be a fun way to keep things organized without being too modern.


I'm Kelly — Co-Founder of With Grace and Gold and Host of Brand It, Build It. My husband Ben and I are currently building a cozy, light-filled house in Minnesota and I hope you'll follow along with our adventures!

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