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Spiralizing is a super fun and unique way to eat vegetables. 


This book has changed my life - including my approach to consuming, cleaning, and organizing.



I'm Kelly! Educator, designer, and wife to my college sweetheart of 10 years, Ben. Our Home on Harvest is a Wisconsin-based lifestyle, decor, recipe, and travel blog. I'm so glad you're here!

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This fall, Ben will be starting to earn his Doctorate, so he is in need a more dedicated office space. (AKA He is ready to stop working from our dining table!) My “office” used to be in our guest bedroom, and now it’s in our master bedroom. Ben loves the natural light in our guest bedroom, and I love the cozy corner of our master bedroom — so it works out perfectly!

Awhile ago, I had spotted this desk at Target, and I fell in love. It matches our nightstands well — and is aligned with our farmhouse aesthetic, so I was really excited to snag it!  What’s kind of fun is: I’ve been on sabbatical, so I actually haven’t been at my computer very much. I’m excited to have a fresh start in August and to begin working from this cozy new space!

This gold letter sorter works perfectly for storing notecards and envelopes for With Grace and Gold!

This summer, it’s been really fun and exciting to piece together and complete each room in our condo. When we moved in, I definitely had a “vision” for what our condo would look like — and I’m so excited to see progress, little by little!

This week, I am:

  • Painting our guest bedroom and master bedroom ceilings,
  • Having our living room, dining room, and kitchen ceilings resurfaced so Ben and I can paint.

This weekend, our family is helping us with baseboard trim and doors! I have a feeling, after this weekend, everything will really start to take shape. Slow and steady!

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Our Home on Harvest | Office Update


July 23, 2017



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