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A Minnesota-based motherhood, lifestyle, and home décor blog created by Kelly Zugay — Founder of Made by Motherhood.

C-Section and Postpartum Recovery Essentials

Before Ollie was born, Ben and I prepared as best we could for her arrival. Although we had prepared for labor, nothing could have prepared me for 1.5 days of labor followed by an emergency c-section. I believe one of the reasons recovery has been so challenging for me was because having a c-section was far from my mind. Today, I wanted to round-up my c-section recovery essentials, so if you or someone you love is recovering from a c-section, planned or unplanned, you’ll have resources to jump-start your healing and create a comfortable recovery process. As you’ll find below, Bodily was my go-to postpartum and c-section recovery brand, because every product was high-quality and so helpful.

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C-Section Recovery Essentials

Anya Vitamins, Scalp Serum, and Calming Tea

I am so grateful I came upon Anya, a company specializing in postpartum recovery. Anya offers curated “Monthly Recovery Plan” boxes, depending upon where you are in your postpartum journey — or you can purchase products a la carte! I use and love Anya’s vitamins, scalp serum, and calming tea.

Lactation Lattes by Bodily

Having a c-section can cause milk supply to be delayed and low. Enter: Lactation Lattes by Bodily. Bodily has been one of my go-to postpartum brands; every product I’ve purchased from Bodily had been high-quality and super effective. The Lactation Lattes by Bodily are plant-based and vegan and contain ingredients helpful for milk production. I love the Cacao flavor combined with Oatly oat milk!

All-In Panty by Bodily

One of my least favorite parts about having a c-section was the overwhelming nerve pain and sensitivity on and surrounding my incision. Once I was home and able to use non-hospital underwear, Bodily’s All-In Panty offered so much comfort. They’re extremely soft, high-waisted, and the seams don’t irritate the incision.

The Everything Bra by Bodily

The Everything Bra by Bodily is an extremely soft nursing bra. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in and has made evening nursing really comfortable and easy. Further, because of how uncomfortable the initial postpartum sweating can be, sleeping in a lightweight bra and underwear is especially helpful.

Old Navy’s Maternity Pajamas

I have worn many styles of maternity and postpartum pajamas, but my hands-down, all-time favorite pajamas to wear during my c-section recovery have been Old Navy’s Maternity Pajamas. Not only are these pajamas extremely soft, but they include a nursing cami, and a large rollover waist, which covers my incision area in the best ways.

C-Section Box by Bodily

I purchased Bodily’s Care for Birth Box, which contains many of the same products as Bodily’s C-Section Box, with the addition of a c-section belly band and other c-section essentials. It was helpful for me to have so much of what I needed and wanted in one complete box.

Earth Mama Perineal Spray

There’s a lot going on “down below” following any type of delivery. Combining Earth Mama’s Perineal Spray with water in my peri wash offered such relief.

Avéne Scar Cream

Transparently, for about 8 weeks, I avoided touching my incision directly. However, once I began physical therapy, I was advised by my physical therapist to do daily scar massages to help break up scar tissue. I do scar massages using Avéne Scar Cream so I can help minimize the appearance of my scar.

Frida Mom Silicone Scar Patches

I was gifted Frida Mom Silicone Scar Patches. They provided such relief, especially while I was experiencing severe nerve pain on and around my incision.

Frida Mom C-Section Recovery Band

I was also gifted a Frida Mom C-Section Recovery Band — which was an amazing relief. The band contains a gel pack that can be warmed or frozen, and it felt so amazing on my very tender incision area.

Physical Therapy

This isn’t so much a product you can buy — but something I have appreciated doing following my c-section. After I received my doctor’s blessing at my 6-week postpartum appointment, I asked for a physical therapy referral. Since then, I’ve been in pelvic floor physical therapy to repair my diastasis recti, regain my core strength, and learn best practices for safely lifting and carrying Ollie. Not only have I done exercises, but my physical therapist also offers scar massage and cupping to help with the scar tissue build-up in one area of my scar. It’s been a truly transformative experience and has helped my recovery both physically and emotionally.

Final Note

For me personally, recovering from a c-section has been a big undertaking, especially when combined with first-time motherhood, caring for a new baby, exclusively breastfeeding, working full-time, and managing everyday living. Every c-section is unique — and my unexpected, emergency c-section followed by postpartum hemorrhage has made for an emotional journey for me. If you’re feeling emotional about your c-section or your delivery experience overall, you aren’t alone. If you’re someone helping a loved one through c-section recovery, offer a listening ear, and offer help in any way you can. I am so hopeful the above collection of c-section and postpartum recovery essentials is a helpful guide!

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A Minnesota-based motherhood, lifestyle, and home décor blog by Kelly Zugay — Founder of Made by Motherhood, Co-Founder of With Grace and Gold and Host of Brand It, Build It Podcast.

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