I'm Kelly Zugay — and I'm truly so glad you're here! Since 2013, I've captured, documented, and shared everyday moments — from everyday lifestyle and motherhood to home décor and travel.

Here, my sincere hope is to create a welcoming space to empower you to experience joy, purpose, and peace of mind in every way — to embrace and celebrate the small, yet meaningful, moments that make life so beautiful.

Beyond my work, I love spending quality time with my husband of 10 years, Ben — and our wonderful baby daughter, Ollie. Together, we enjoy singing and dancing in the kitchen, going on walks and hikes, visiting the farmers' market, and exploring our beautiful state: Minnesota

About Kelly Zugay

Small Business Owner, Podcast Host, and Content Creator

Over the years, I have excitedly partnered and collaborated with diverse businesses and brands — adidas, Lovevery, and Nanobébé, to name a few! — through branded content creation. Specifically, I value content creation for motherhood, parenting, and lifestyle brands. For sponsored blog posts or social media posts, please share your vision for our collaboration here

Partnerships + Collaborations

I've been featured by:

Canvas Rebel Magazine
Edina Magazine
Voyage Minnesota
Woodbury Magazine

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A Retinol alternative safe for pregnancy.

My go-to cropped sweater.

I start every day with a Vitamix smoothie.

The nursing pillow I use daily!

Face masks are my favorite for self-care.

I just love anything from Target.

To stay cozy in Minnesota.

My everyday hyaluronic acid.




The cozy cropped crewneck sweatshirt I've been confidently and proudly wearing since Ollie's birth!

Perfect for the farmer's market, grocery store, or for carrying everyday odds and ends. 


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