Kelly Zugay is a Saint Paul, Minnesota content creator with a focus on plant-based vegan recipes, home decor, and travel.

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Way back in 2010, the books Eat for Health Books 1 and 2, changed my life; these books changed my entire perspective when it comes to what food is, how whole foods have specific benefits, and how whole foods can nourish our bodies. That’s when I learned about flaxseed — a small and simple yet nutritious seed with so many benefits. I especially love how flaxseed can be easily added to everyday recipes!


3 Benefits of Flaxseed

  1. Flaxseed has omega-3 fatty acids, which may help to fight Osteoporosis and prevent Type 2 Diabetes (Source). Often times, people rely upon fish for omega-3 fatty acids, but I love and appreciate how flaxseed is a plant-based option for omega-3s!
  2. Flaxseed has cancer-fighting properties, too! (Source) This article from shares the ins and outs of why and how!
  3. Flaxseed can reduce inflammation. (Source) And chronic inflammation is at the core of so many diseases.

3 Uses for Flaxseed

  1. Try adding flaxseed to your smoothie each morning. Adding flaxseed won’t impact the flavor of your smoothie very much — and it’s so worthwhile to sprinkle flaxseed a teaspoon of flaxseed in.
  2. Try sprinkling some flaxseed on top of a salad. Just like you’d sprinkle walnuts or sunflower seeds on your salad, try sprinkling some flaxseed on top!
  3. Try sprinkling some flaxseed in your oatmeal. Flaxseed can blend right into your oatmeal, and again, won’t impact the taste in any way. This is one of my favorite ways to use flaxseed, because it truly blends right in.

As you can see, flaxseed is not only nutritious, but it’s also so easy to add to everyday recipes.

Lastly, if you’re looking for more whole food, plant-based recipes to try — please download my free 5-day whole food, plant-based meal plan! This meal plan not only contains 5 plant-based breakfast recipes, 5 plant-based lunch recipes, and 5 plant-based dinner recipes — but it also contains a whole food, plant-based grocery shopping list and 10 quick, easy plant-based snack ideas!


I'm Kelly — Co-Founder of With Grace and Gold and Host of Brand It, Build It. My husband Ben and I are currently building a cozy, light-filled house in Minnesota and I hope you'll follow along with our adventures!

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