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Kelly Zugay - Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Minnesota Motherhood Pregnancy Maternity Style Blog - 8
Kelly Zugay - Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Minnesota Motherhood Pregnancy Maternity Style Blog - 8

Birth and Parenthood Classes We Attended

When Ben and I learned we were expecting, we hoped and planned to attend birth and parenthood classes to prepare for our journey ahead. We hoped to gather a foundational understanding of what we could expect from labor and birth to newborn care and beyond.  In the end, we chose a variety of birth and parenthood classes, all of which we really enjoyed and value taking:

Kelly Zugay - Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Minnesota Motherhood Pregnancy Maternity Style Blog - 8

Birth and Parenthood Classes

  1. All-In-One Express. Amma Parenting is a Minnesota-based organization that offers both in-person and online classes. We signed up for 3 classes through Amma Parenting: All-In-One Express, Labor Skills Workshop, and Infant CPR. We chose the All-In-One Express class rather than the 3-part version of the class, because we wanted to attend one daytime class rather than 3 evening classes. (Hello, pregnancy exhaustion!) This class was so helpful, because it was a crash course in pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care. I love when topics are explored in chronological order; I feel more organized and better equipped to create a plan. The class was a balanced blend of hands-on practice — holding baby for breastfeeding, changing diapers, changing clothes, and car seat safety — as well as presentations and lessons. Not only did we find the class very educational, but it will also always be a special memory we’ll cherish — attending our very first baby class together!
  2. Labor Skills Workshop. The second Amma Parenting class we took was called Labor Skills Workshop. This entirely hands-on, active workshop explored varying labor positions and recommendations for a smooth and calm labor experience. We had an opportunity to practice different supportive positions, to discuss our fears about labor and birth — and we came away with workbooks for determining my preferred labor positions. I really liked practicing labor positions, because I didn’t want actual labor to be my / our first experience trying recommended labor positions.
  3. Infant CPR. Infant CPR, our third Amma Parenting class, was a must-do class for us. This entirely hands-on class consisted of lots of practice with CPR — and we came away with actionable skills for helping infants, toddlers, and one another.
  4. Taking Cara Babies. Taking Cara Babies is an online course Ben and I worked through in about one day. This class is all about sleeping, soothing, and creating a baby-sleep-friendly routine. Ben and I both really loved the resources provided through the class — a sleep, feed, and wake schedule, a safe sleep checklist, etc. — and Cara’s actionable, hands-on recommendations.
  5. Milkology. Milkology is an online course we were also able to work through in about one day. The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding is a step-by-step exploration of breastfeeding. I was particularly curious about proper latching and the basics of pumping and storage. I have both this pump and this pump, and once I begin incorporating them, we’ll likely pursue Milkology’s Pumping Class.
  6. Expectful Hypnobirthing Class. Expectful is an app I downloaded when we first learned about Teeny. In early pregnancy, I loved the daily meditations, because they were centered on bonding with baby. Hypnobirthing classes were recommended to us during our Labor Skills Workshop, so I was excited to see Expectful has an audio hypnobirthing class. It centers on mindset, relaxation, and other tools for a smooth birth experience.

I’m sure we’ll continue doing a lot of learning over the coming months and years — but overall, I’m so grateful we had an opportunity to choose and attend the classes we did.

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