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Fun Things to Do in Minneapolis — Featured by Redfin

Last week, I was asked by Redfin to share my favorite things to do in Minneapolis, Minnesota! (Check out the full article here: Fun Things to Do in Minneapolis: 13 Can’t-Miss Activities for New Residents | Redfin) Below is a brief excerpt from the article — including a few recommendations I had shared. Of course, please feel free to see all 13 recommendations here on Redfin’s blog!


Fun Things to Do in Minneapolis

Take Advantage of the Food Scene in Minneapolis

A quick Google search about the Minneapolis food scene and you’ll find many critics deem the city underrated. From international cuisine to local staples, the Minneapolis food scene is definitely something to talk about.

“One of the absolute best parts of living in the Twin Cities is access to fantastic food,” shares local lifestyle blogger Kelly Zugay. “With diverse cuisine and award-winning chefs, Minneapolis has no shortage of great food. Food halls like Graze Provisions + Libations and The Market at Malcolm Yards are some of my go-to places. Whether you’re craving a specific cuisine or have a dietary preference, there is something for everyone at these food halls.”

Spend Time in the North Loop in Minneapolis

“Though my husband and I live in the suburbs, we find ourselves driving to North Loop at least once per week,” explains Zugay. “This walkable area features excellent coffee shops like Backstory and Fairgrounds, local shops like Jaxen Grey and HOUSER, and incredible restaurant experiences like Tullibee at The Hewing Hotel.” Also known as The Warehouse District because of the area’s converted warehouses, North Loop is a vibrant neighborhood best known for its nightlife, hip restaurants, and shopping. 

Shop at Farmers Markets in Minneapolis to Support Local Businesses

If you love to cook with fresh produce and want to support local businesses, look no further than the farmers markets. Zugay goes on to say, “The Mill City Farmers Market and Linden Hills Farmers Market are some of my favorite farmers markets in Minneapolis. Here, the farmers markets not only offer amazing, fresh produce but are also the perfect place for sampling food, becoming familiar with local small businesses, getting fresh flowers, and more. The momos from Gorkha Palace are a must-try.” 

Discover the Full Redfin Article

Kelly Zugay was mentioned on Redfin. Check out the article here: Fun Things to Do in Minneapolis: 13 Can’t-Miss Activities for New Residents | Redfin

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