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A Minnesota lifestyle, home decor, and travel blog by Kelly Zugay — Co-Founder of With Grace and Gold and Host of Brand It, Build It Podcast — since 2013.

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My Favorite Places for Frame TV Artwork

When we moved to our new home in Minnesota, one of my dream purchases was a Samsung Frame TV. Every season, we update our Frame TV with new artwork — and it’s something fun I really look forward to when the seasons change. Today, I’m excited to share my favorite places for Frame TV artwork!

Best Places for Samsung Frame TV Digital Download Artwork - Kelly Zugay - Best Minneapolis Saint Paul Minnesota Twin Cities Blog Blogs Blogger Bloggers

My Favorite Places for Frame TV Artwork

Why We Chose a Samsung Frame TV

When we moved to our new home in Minnesota, one of my dream purchases was a Samsung Frame TV. Different from our home in Wisconsin, our fireplace mantel in Minnesota would have less depth — so we wouldn’t be able to successfully set a TV on top of our mantel. With the fireplace as the focal point of our home in Minnesota, I wanted the Frame TV so we could showcase seasonal artwork and have our TV blend in with our cozy home decor.

Mounting the Frame TV Above Our Fireplace

When purchasing our Frame TV from Best Buy, we received a free year of Best Buy Beta, which meant we would receive free mounting for our Frame TV. If possible, I can’t recommend hiring a professional enough. The professionals we hired through Best Buy helped us from beginning to end — answering our questions, providing recommendations for mounting, and so much more. Neither Ben nor I are really handy people, so I really, truly appreciated having help!

My Favorite Places for Frame TV Artwork

When we first purchased our Frame TV, I used artwork from the Samsung Frame TV Art Store — an approximately $5 per month subscription to access a wide variety of artwork. I was looking for something a bit different from what was available in the Art Store, so I’ve since cancelled our subscription. Here are my current favorite places:

  • Collection Prints: Collection Prints has a really beautiful collection of artwork. From abstract to modern, I always find something I like at Collection Prints. Best of all, the website is organized by season, so you can find seasonal artwork really seamlessly. I recommend stocking up during Black Friday, adding the artwork to your Frame TV, and easily updating your artwork every season.
  • Juniper Print Shop: Juniper Print Shop is another favorite place for artwork. They offer Frame TV bundles, so you can shop by style and curate a collection of artwork aligned with your unique style or preferences.
  • BFF Print Shop: BFF Print Shop offers really beautiful, unique, and diverse artwork for your Frame TV. Their website is extremely organized, making the process of searching for artwork really quick and easy.
  • Heirloom Print Shop: Heirloom Print Shop offers truly beautiful options for artwork.

How to Upload Digital Downloads to Your Frame TV

Once you’ve chosen your artwork from one of the above places, or elsewhere, here’s how you go about adding or uploading your digital downloads to your Frame TV.

  1. Download your artwork, and save the artwork to your phone. Once you’ve downloaded your artwork, within your Photos app, create a New Album called “Frame TV” and add your artwork to the album.
  2. Open your SmartThings app. Be sure to connect your Frame TV to the SmartThings app, so you can really easily manage your Frame TV settings.
  3. Add your artwork to your Frame TV. Select Devices > Frame TV > Art Mode > Add Your Photos. Then, select your artwork > Create Mat > Set on the Frame.

I always choose a thicker mat for the artwork I upload, because I like how realistic it looks! (We’ve definitely fooled a few people!)

Accessories for the Frame TV

There are additional accessories available for the Frame TV, and depending upon your vision or your home decor, you might enjoy this, this, or this!

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links shared are Affiliate Links — which means I may earn a commission when you click or purchase at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support of my small business!

A lifestyle, motherhood, home decor, and travel blog by Kelly Zugay — Co-Founder of With Grace and Gold and Host of Brand It, Build It Podcast — documenting joyful everyday living since 2013.

About Kelly Zugay

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