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A Minnesota lifestyle, home decor, and travel blog by Kelly Zugay — Co-Founder of With Grace and Gold and Host of Brand It, Build It Podcast — since 2013.

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Kelly Zugay - 5 Products I Used to Prepare for Pregnacy - Best Minnesota Lifestyle Decor Motherhood Travel Blog
Kelly Zugay - 5 Products I Used to Prepare for Pregnacy - Best Minnesota Lifestyle Decor Motherhood Travel Blog

5 Products I Used to Prepare for Pregnancy with Peace of Mind

When Ben and I decided to try to start a family, I hoped to do so from a place of preparation and peace of mind. At 34 years old, my pregnancy would be deemed an “Advanced Maternal Age” pregnancy, so I wanted to be as prepared and mindful as I could be as we approached the possibility of pregnancy. Today, I’m excited to share 5 products I chose to use to best prepare myself for the possibility of pregnancy.

Kelly Zugay - 5 Products I Used to Prepare for Pregnacy - Best Minnesota Lifestyle Decor Motherhood Travel Blog

5 Products I Used to Prepare for Pregnancy

Ritual Prenatal Vitamins

I started taking Ritual’s prenatal vitamins, which were the best option for me, because they are vegan prenatal vitamins. Because I follow a plant-based, vegan diet, I wanted to find a vitamin aligned with my values and goals. One additional aspect of Ritual’s prenatal vitamins I love is the minty flavor — because vitamins have always made me a little queasy.


Having been diagnosed with PCOS, balancing my hormones — and trying to do so naturally — has been something I’ve cared deeply about for many years. I discovered Elix through an Instagram ad, and it truly changed my life. I really value exploring a natural or holistic approach to pursuing my health and wellness goals, and Elix really aligned with my personal values and goals. Elix helped me to feel balanced, to reduce my painful period symptoms, and more.

Modern Fertility Fertility Test

Modern Fertility offers a wide array of resources to educate and empower women regarding their fertility. To better understand my own fertility measures, I took an at-home fertility test through Modern Fertility. The fertility test was quick and easy. I received the results via email in about one week, and reading the results was easy, too! Best of all, the results are presented in a fun, visual, easy-to-understand way — as well as via a more technical document you can optionally share with your doctor. (Take $20 off your Modern Fertility order using my unique link here!)

Modern Fertility Ovulation Tests

Modern Fertility also offers ovulation tests which can be used alongside an easy-to-use app. Tip: Even though I read ovulation tests can be taken in the afternoon, I recommend taking them in the morning for the greatest accuracy. For two months, I believed I wasn’t ovulating at all, until I began testing in the morning and saw my actual results.

Beautycounter Beauty Products

To prepare for the possibility of pregnancy, I wanted to be mindful of the beauty products I was using — and to try to ensure the products I was using had pregnancy-safe ingredients. I continued using Beautycounter beauty products, and purchased some new Beautycounter products, so I could have confidence in my entire makeup, bath, and body regimen.

Summed up, these 5 products helped me to rest assured I was doing the best I could to prepare for the possibility of pregnancy. Of course, every person is unique and has a unique health history, so collaborating with your doctor when making personal healthcare decisions is always recommended. However, I’m so hopeful that these products encourage you and equip you to approach pregnancy with peace of mind. Stay tuned for more about my motherhood journey here!

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A lifestyle, motherhood, home decor, and travel blog by Kelly Zugay — Co-Founder of With Grace and Gold and Host of Brand It, Build It Podcast — documenting joyful everyday living since 2013.

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