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Home Office Inspiration: A Natural, Organic Aesthetic


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I’ve gathered up all of the products I’m hoping will create a cozy and welcoming office space.

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With the busy summer behind us, I’ve been working on decorating our home, room by room. Although Ben and I have been homeowners in some capacity since 2015, building a single family home is (1) A dream come true I wasn’t sure I’d ever experience, and (2) A totally different type of [fun] challenge — because there is always so much to do!

Over the summer, we rotated between all of the projects we needed to complete: adding ceiling fans and light fixtures, hanging curtains, and getting all of the structural details of our home squared away.

Now, winter is on its way, which is my personal favorite time for decorating and trying to make our home feel organized, cozy, and welcoming. To make each project a little bit more manageable, I’ve decided to focus on one room at a time — starting with my office, the room I spend most of my day in. Below, I’ve created a collage of the decor currently on its way to our house — and I really hope everything comes together!

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Home Office Inspiration

From top to bottom, here are the products I’ve ordered — or already own — for my office:

  1. Bench: I am hoping this bench will work well under the bay window in my office. I really love the metal details and the cozy texture of the cushion.
  2. Decorative Beads: I will admit, I’m not the greatest at small decor or accessories, so I bought these decorative beads just to try and style the top of my bookshelf. We’ll see how it goes! I think they’re really pretty and add texture.
  3. Desk Lamp (Similar): I really love the wooden detail and texture in the desk lamp above, and I hope it blends well with the other wood tones in my office.
  4. Book Ends: Currently, all of the books I had in my office in Eau Claire are in a box, and I’d really love to put them on display. These book ends are really pretty and unique.
  5. Art Prints: These art prints are not only available for purchase, but they’re also available digitally, too! We currently use these prints for our Frame TV, too!
  6. Bookshelf (Another Option): I’m on the fence about what type of bookshelf to have… one with open shelving? One with doors? I’m leaning toward a bookshelf with doors, for less dusting! When I’m on Zoom calls, my future bookshelf will be in the background, which is the silly reason why I’m overanalyzing my decision.
  7. Floor Lamp: I purchased this floor lamp as a space saver, to go behind my reading chair. Its design is unique!
  8. Reading Chair: I sit at my desk a lot — so I really wanted to have a reading chair where I could occasionally work from my laptop or just read and relax. I customized the reading chair above, and I am so excited for it to arrive! (p.s. I have a discount code for Interior Define: If you use my link here, you can receive $200 off your purchase of $1500 or more.)
  9. Area Rug (Similar): Lastly, the paint in my office is a green-gray-sage type of color, so my area rug currently has lots of shades of green.

I think these natural colors and textures really create a cozy, yet airy, feeling — and I really hope everything comes together! Stay tuned!

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