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August 2021 Home Decor Progress


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This month, our Burrow sofa and our light fixtures arrived — so it’s been an exciting month of home decor progress!

Just like July, home decor progress in August has been slow and steady. In July, we got organized, hung our curtains, and ordered everything we needed to “complete” our house.

When we chose our finishings last year, we chose only recessed lights overall and decided we would find and purchase our own light fixtures — like our entryway fixture, hallway sconces, kitchen pendants — once we had moved in.

This month:

  • Our sofa arrived from Burrow! We chose and customized a Nomad Sofa Sectional from Burrow. We chose “Ivory” fabric, oak legs, slope arms, and plain cushions and a moveable chaise. Our living area — living room, kitchen, and dining room — is open concept, so we wanted something clean, modern, and not too bulky. So far, we really love our Burrow sofa!

  • All of our light fixtures and ceiling fans arrived! Our entryway fixture, hallway sconces, bathroom sconces, island pendants, dining area chandelier, and ceiling fans arrived. (In the end, we decided to return the island pendants, because I am kind of a stickler about wires, and I hadn’t realized the wires would be woven through the chain. Whoops!)

So, with our sofa and light fixtures in mind, below are a few home decor photos from August 2021!

August 2021 Home Decor Progress

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It’s been less than 24 hours, but already, having our light fixtures makes our house feel much more like a home. In the upcoming month, I’m looking forward to completing our guest bedroom, having our mirrors mounted, and making the loft a more cozy space for Ben to work. Please follow along here for the latest!

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