Moving to Minnesota: Closing Day for Our Home



Closing day has come and gone, and our home in Minnesota is officially complete!

Closing day was a whirlwind: It began early on Monday morning with one final walkthrough, a quick breakfast before our closing meeting, and our closing meeting. It’s surreal that the home building process is finished!

I think my favorite part of closing day was walking through the house with Ben, being able to appreciate the process as a whole, and having a quiet moment to daydream about our future plans.

What’s Next?

  • Choosing light fixtures. We want to choose and install light fixtures. Altogether, we have 19 light fixtures to choose and install — hallway sconces, bedroom ceiling fans, kitchen island pendants, dining room chandelier, etc. This collection (Entryway light, pendants) from Rejuvenation has always been my favorite.

  • Making structural adjustments. In our entryway, for example, we may add wainscoting and wallpaper. I may replace the pantry door with a natural wood door. There are so many options to brainstorm.

I’m excited to share more about the fixtures and structural adjustments as they arise!

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