Our Countertops Were Installed



Ben and I stopped by our house in Minnesota, because we received word our countertops had been installed! Our countertops are a detail Ben and I both really loved and felt excited about, so we couldn’t wait to see how they looked in-person. I took some additional photos — because so many smaller updates have been underway, too.

First, my office. I love this sage green color more and more every time we visit!


Next, the entryway. My office is just beyond the right side of the photo. The door at the right of the photo is our guest bathroom, and the green room is our guest bedroom. Just through the entryway are the stairs up to our loft — an additional living room and Ben’s office.

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In addition to our countertops, certain flooring had also been installed over the past week. The flooring in our guest bathroom and laundry room is another one of my favorite details. With all of the neutral details — the cream-colored cabinets, the white countertops, the white walls — having a floor pattern turned out to be really cool!


It was exciting to see the countertops in progress in our bathroom, too:


I can’t wait to see how all the details come together!

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