Our Flooring, Cabinets, and Tile Were Installed



I’m so excited to share another home-building progress update! Since December, lots of home-building progress has been made: the flooring has been installed, the cabinets have been installed, and our bathroom tile has been installed.

First: My office! My office is at the front of our house, facing the sunrise, which is a feature I’m really excited for. On the right side of the photo, you’ll see a bit of the flooring. I have a lot of “all-time favorite” design choices, and our flooring is definitely one of them! It’s bright, yet natural, and I really love the cozy feeling it creates.


Below: Our loft — Ben’s office! It’s so nice and bright!


Next, a look at our living room. A taupe-colored stone will go below the fireplace mantel. To the left of the fireplace, there are cabinets — and then above the cabinets, there is space for shelving. Ben and I were both so excited to see how bright everything was, since we’re both lovers of natural light.


Our kitchen is truly my favorite space so far! Our cabinets are Oyster, and our island is Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. The countertops will be Calacatta Gold by Cosentino. The faucet will be Moen Align in Gold. We haven’t chosen our light fixtures quite yet.


Here is our bathroom so far. It’s also pretty bright and sunny, and my favorite feature is the marble tile in the shower.


Here is our morning room — or sunroom. The windows are south, west, and north-facing, so there is lots of sunlight! We are most excited about the sunsets.


We will close in March, so everything is really speeding along! A few details I’m excited to share and show, but can’t quite yet, are the floors in the laundry room and the kitchen countertops. This was a big update, and I know the coming weeks will provide even more exciting progress!

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