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When we attended our home design meeting a few weeks ago, the first group of decisions we needed to make were for the exterior of our house. The second group of decisions were for the kitchen.

Since pursuing a whole food, plant-based lifestyle a handful of years ago, our kitchen has become my favorite place in our house. Because I work from our house, I genuinely look forward to being able to set my laptop aside for the day and spend time in our kitchen. (Especially when I make this recipe!)

Today, I wanted to share some kitchen inspiration — and a few more details about the choices we made for our kitchen!


Kitchen Inspiration

First, I want to say we couldn’t have made any of our kitchen choices without the help of my best friend, Andra. In addition to being my best friend and business partner, she’s an amazing decorator! She helped us to explore choices we previously hadn’t considered, and we ended up with choices we really, really love!

At first, Ben and I wanted an all-white kitchen. We are both lovers of natural light, and bright, airy spaces, so we thought an all-white kitchen would be the perfect choice! Then, when we officially began making kitchen decisions, our very helpful designer showed us this countertop, which features taupes, grays, and golds, and it set off a whole bunch of unexpected changes!

Seeing those taupes and grays within the countertop made me realize our design choices can have more color and texture and still feel light, bright, and airy. I’ll try and summarize our choices below!

I’m very, very eager to see how all of the above choices come together in real life. Choosing small samples or seeing small color swatches is one thing, but seeing them put to use is another! I hope sharing about our kitchen decisions and thought process was helpful! Follow along with #ourheartmadehome to see more updates and progress!

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