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3 Reasons We Chose to Buy a Peloton + Peloton Discount Code

Peloton Discount Code — QBZCRG

After much deliberation, Ben and I have decided to buy a Peloton! Our decision has been years in the making, and I’m excited to share what caused us to finally take the plunge!

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First, I should mention: Cycling has always been a special part of our lives. In summer, we’re on our bikes quite a bit — Ben especially! But every year for my birthday, Ben and I travel to Chicago. (My birthday is over the holiday season, so it’s always a lot of fun to see the holiday decorations in Chicago!) While in Chicago, with the help of our friend Danielle, we sign up for one SoulCycle class. SoulCycle classes are the perfect blend of challenging and inspiring, and I’ve always wished we had a cycling studio nearby.

Last spring, Ben and I traveled to Chicago for a weekend getaway, and the hotel we stayed at had two Pelotons in their gym – so we had a unique opportunity to try Pelotons for ourselves. I loved the instructors’ enthusiasm, and Ben, being the competitor he is, loved the leaderboard feature. But as much as we loved our experience, we simply couldn’t justify purchasing a Peloton of our own.

Then, I got injured. I was training to run a 10K, when I increased my running distances too quickly, and I fractured my sesamoid, the ball under the base of your big toe. I couldn’t bear weight for about 6-8 weeks, and my doctor advised me to run less once I was healed… and that’s how Ben and I began revisiting our decision to buy a Peloton!

Three Specific Reasons We Chose to Buy a Peloton

  1. After fracturing my sesamoid in January, I haven’t been able to run as often without experiencing some tightness and pain. Running and cycling are both awesome cardio exercises, and by cycling, I can give my sesamoid a much-needed break in between running. Cycling is such a great low-impact workout, and I think my cycling days will far exceed my running days.
  2. As a work-from-home small business owner, having an accessible way to exercise first thing in the morning has become really important to me. As a busy small business owner, being able to start exercising quickly and easily, first thing in the morning, is something I really value. Having our Peloton as an accessible way to exercise is something I’m most excited about!
  3. Lastly, as a one-car family, having an accessible way to exercise at home is really beneficial for me, too! By having a Peloton at home, Ben and I don’t have to coordinate our daily schedules in order for me to exercise.

Ultimately, all of these reasons combined helped us to determine buying a Peloton was right for us — for low-impact cardio, for efficiency as a work-from-home small business owner, and for convenience as a one-car family. Are you on the fence about buying a Peloton? Let me know what questions I can answer for you!

Peloton Discount Code

As a Peloton user, I have a personal code to provide a $100 discount on your Peloton purchase. Use my Peloton discount code QBZCRG or use my 60-Day Guest Pass for Peloton — and let me know how you’re enjoying Peloton, too! (My leaderboard name is #KellyPlusPelly!)

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links shared are Affiliate Links — which means I may earn a commission when you click or purchase at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support of my small business!

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