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Home-Building in Wisconsin: May 2019 Progress

A couple of weeks ago, I shared about our decision to build a home! Since then, Ben and I had stopped by nearly every day to peek in on the progress. Then, we were away for about one week, on vacation in Vancouver — so we were very excited to come back to a whole lot of progress!

First, we noticed that the vinyl siding has been put up on a majority of the house. It’s a beautiful blue color with white accents.

Inside of our house, we discovered the drywall, mudding, and taping was complete. Having the walls up made the space more real. We also had an opportunity to check how much sunlight would really come through throughout the day. The sun rises on the front of our house and sets on the back of our house, shown below — so I feel extra excited about the lot we chose!

Below is a peek at a portion of our great room — our fireplace, staircase, and transom window. The feature I’m most excited about is our fireplace… OK and our vaulted ceiling. Because I work from home, having some space to breathe and stretch out is so important — and I just can’t wait to see how this space helps me to work more productively and happily.

Below is a peek at our sunroom, our backyard, and the space where our patio will go. I’m very, very excited to live on the first level (our condo is on the second level) and to have so much space outside, too! I’ve been planning our vegetable garden — and I just can’t wait to put everything in place!

Lastly, here’s a view of our home from the street below. Our neighborhood is completely surrounded by trees — including a county park with hiking and biking trails. (Ben’s excited to be able to mountain bike so close to home, and I’m excited to start hiking again once my knee is better; I injured it from running.) One of my favorite things is that the trees are visible from our front porch, our backyard, and from the transom windows on the side of our house. Right now, everything’s a bright spring green — but I’m also excited for the fall, when all of the colors will be so varied and beautiful!

That’s all the progress we have for now! Building a home is unlike anything we’ve ever done or experienced — so it’s been really neat to see all the details we chose come together.

Follow along with me and #ourheartmadehome to see more updates!

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