Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Travel Guide



Last weekend, Ben and I traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to celebrate our friends’ wedding! (Ben was a handsome groomsman!) It was my first time in Philadelphia (Ben’s second) and I’m so glad we went one day early so we could explore and go sightseeing.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Travel Guide

We stayed at The Radnor Hotel in Wayne, Pennsylvania which is about 30 minutes from Philadelphia. It was a really beautiful hotel, and was such a lovely place to come “home” to after a couple of busy days.

On Thursday, Ben and I arrived and decided to drive to Philadelphia to go sightseeing. Our very first stop was the Reading Terminal Market. This market began as an outdoor market in 1809, and after experiencing a series of highs and lows, it is now an indoor market, home to 75 food and product vendors. Ben and I had an early mediterranean dinner, which was delicious. It was so cool to see people gathering at the market, at the end of their workday.


We continued walking, and visited Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Whenever I visit historic places, I always like to think about all of the generations of people who have seen or experienced the same place.




On Friday, Ben and I had a full day to spend together before the rehearsal dinner. While I was getting ready for the day, Ben very sweetly planned our day date to Chanticleer Garden. When we were in Germany last summer, one of our favorite places to visit was the Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg — so we were both really excited to visit Chanticleer Garden. Most of the photos I took on our trip were at Chanticleer Garden. Here they are:



I think the next photo is my favorite one from the day:


Ben’s always looking for his next snack…









A couple of places we visited which aren’t photographed (It was too dark outside by the time we arrived) are Elfreth’s Alley and The Betsy Ross House. Elfreth’s Alley was one of my favorite places to see. It’s our nation’s oldest residential street. It has a cobblestone street and historic houses — which are still residences. It was so, so cool! The Betsy Ross House was, coincidentally, holding a small festival while we visited. There was wine, a food truck, music, and a gift shop. It was such an unexpected experience — which, looking back, are often the greatest experiences!

We had the best, best time visiting Pennsylvania and celebrating our friends’ marriage. It was so much fun to meet new people, to be with our college friends, and to celebrate love.


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