In early January, Ben and I had an opportunity to travel to San Diego for an Entrepreneur Conference! This year, Ben is going to be designing a college Entrepreneur program, so the conference was all about how to develop a program and meet the needs of entrepreneurs in our area. Luckily, I got to tag along with him and enjoy a little change of scenery!

We stayed in two hotels during our trip! Our first hotel was in the Gaslamp Quarter, so we were able to walk to a lot of different shops and restaurants, and our second hotel was right on the bay, so we got to enjoy beautiful sunsets! It was the perfect blend of busy and relaxing. Here are a few highlights:

San Diego 2016-5128

During the second half of our trip, Ben and I went for walks on the shoreline. It was so good to see palm trees instead of all of the snow we have in Wisconsin!

We got very touristy and visited the USS Midway Museum — which was actually very awesome and very interesting! It was so amazing to see how the ship operated and all of the systems that were — and are — in place to keep us safe!

San Diego 2016-5191 San Diego 2016-5213

On the same day we visited the USS Midway Museum, we also visited Little Italy in Downtown San Diego. We came across a lot of really cute shops and restaurants… and Ben didn’t get too embarrassed when I stopped to take pictures every minute or so! ;-)

San Diego 2016-5226 San Diego 2016-5228 San Diego 2016-5230

Overall, it was so awesome to go on a quick, unexpected vacation together! In addition to traveling to a place I’ve never been, Ben and I also had a chance to reminisce on 2015… which is so important! In all, we were away for 26 days over the holiday season — so coming home and being able to get settled in was a really awesome feeling, too!


Travel Diary: San Diego, California

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