Blueberry Picking in Wisconsin

Dress: Nordstrom | Sandals: Target

Blueberry Picking in Illinois

Blueberry Picking in Illinois

This weekend was another long weekend in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Ben is on summer vacation, so we used his vacation as an opportunity to get away and have a long, relaxing weekend.  I think it’s safe to say we did exactly that!

While I did spend a bit of time working, we also had a lot of fun — going to the beach, having dinners with friends, and spending quality time with family.

On Saturday morning, we went blueberry picking in Illinois, which was something Ben and I had never done before. I am sure we spent more time eating and having a “Who can find the biggest blueberry?” competition than we did picking, but we walked away with nearly three 1-gallon buckets of blueberries!

Ben’s favorite thing in summer is laying in the grass, so I love how happy he is in the picture above! I took lots of pictures, as you can see, and I’m still working on developing a style and perfecting editing.  I’m really excited about how much I’ve grown in photography this year, and I hope I continue growing!

Weekends like these are so needed, especially in the midst of so many changes and challenges. I’m so grateful we have a wonderful place to call home — and most importantly, loving and caring people to come home to!  It’s a beautiful thing.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!



Travel Diary: Blueberry Picking in Illinois

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