On Sunday, Andra and I will be traveling to Dallas, Texas! It was a very last-minute decision, but as we look forward to a lot of exciting changes at With Grace and Gold, we decided working side-by-side for a week would be really helpful for us! Some projects are just easier to complete side-by-side… and daily walks to Starbucks […]


When Ben and I returned from holiday break in early January, we were so excited to make some serious progress on our condo. While we’ve lived here for nearly 2 years, we are just now digging in and making our condo our own. We began the process by ordering a living room and a dining room set. […]


The holidays have come and gone — and January already seems to be flying by! I have been so excited to begin sharing new recipes, and then I realized… I skipped right over the holiday season! Last month, Ben and I traveled home for the holidays. Because Ben is a Business Instructor, he has a full month off […]


As you may know, I recently decided to become a Beautycounter Consultant. Lately, I have been pursuing wellness wholeheartedly, so when I learned about Beautycounter’s mission to put safe beauty products in the hands of as many people as possible, I was so excited to help! Now that I have been using Beautycounter for 3 months, I’m […]

scalloped sandals

ruffle sleeve top

tassel earrings

woven tote bag

Summer is just around the corner! I'm so excited to spend Saturday mornings at the farmers' market and weekends at the beach!

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