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When Ben and I prepared to relocate a couple of years ago, I knew we needed to upgrade from our very first one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom home. (We have since moved into our two-bedroom condo!) Because we live so far away, having a guest bedroom is key!

I also really love entertaining, and I am always excited to have an additional room to decorate! Our condo is still a work in progress (the blessing and curse of condo ownership) but today, I’m excited to share a few easy ways to make a guest feel at home.


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Comfortable Bedding

The first tip is to offer lots of pillows and blankets!  Ben prefers our room to be warm while sleeping, while I prefer it to be cool. Everyone sleeps differently, so I like making sure we have lots of pillows and blankets available – so guests can be comfortable no matter what their preference may be. This quilted bedding and a few of these plush pillows would definitely do the trick!

Soothing Scents

The candle pictured above is from The Local Store; it’s a store in our city filled with all local products.  This candle is not only beautiful, but has a really amazing scent! (Tip: Because windows are closed in the winter, I substitute candles for a wax warmer and wax melts!)

Bright Towels & Amenities

I recommend having a set of plush, white towels for guests to use. In addition, I recommend keeping extra travel-sized soaps, shampoos and conditioners, and other amenities handy. When guests stay with us, I leave a basket of these amenities on the bathroom counter, so they feel welcome to use anything they may need.


A few extra ideas I love: Providing a quick guide to your WiFi information, providing a monogrammed mug — like these or these — and providing coffee or tea options.

With the holiday season just around the corner, many people will be traveling and hosting — so I hope these tips help provide some inspiration for your next guest!  Do you have any tips?  Please share them in the comments below!



How to: Make a Guest Feel at Home

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