I’m so excited, because summer is finally here! Yesterday was my last day in the office, so my husband and I are heading to one of my all-time favorite places (More on this place tomorrow!) for a holiday weekend getaway!

Summer is the best season for so many reasons! There is nothing like being outside all day long, then feeling a cool summer breeze come through our house at the end of the day! That’s why, today, I’m sharing with you how we prepare our house and our bedroom for summer, and introducing a company I love so much — Parachute Home!



To begin, I should tell you — I am a throw pillow fanatic. In the summer, though, you’ll find that many of our pillows and blankets have been put aside for the season. I love storing them in a woven basket or on a bench, so they double up as a ‘decoration’ in summer.


Lately, I’ve been doing my best to read a book before bed, so I can transition out of the workday a bit easier! I love flipping through The Nesting Place for decorating inspiration.

Recently, I learned about Parachute, a bedding company with the most amazing selection of bedding! Not only do they offer the most beautiful and cozy bedding, but they have also partnered with Nothing But Nets to fight Malaria by providing bed nets to people in need. There is nothing I love more than companies that give back to people in need — which is why I recommend Parachute so much! I hope you’ll take a peek at their amazing selection!

What do you do to prepare your bedroom for cool summer nights? Comment below!



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