In just 2 days, Ben and I will be boarding a plane from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Toronto, Canada — and Toronto, Canada to Munich, Germany. We started counting down forever ago, but life has gone by so quickly (We went home for a long weekend, we visited the Twin Cities, and I traveled to Denver…) and now it seems like […]

In preparation for our long vacation in Europe, Ben and I have been spending the past few weekends in or around Western Wisconsin. This weekend was so much fun, because we visited Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota! First things first, though, my weekend started off with yoga in the park on Saturday morning. It was my first […]

Lately, it’s been rare for Ben and I to have a weekend at home — but this weekend was one of those weekends! We were able to just enjoy our city and experience a beautiful summer weekend. On Friday, we started our weekend with date night at a new-ish restaurant. We didn’t plan on going out for dinner, but […]