Our condo was built in 1982. In my opinion, the 80s were filled with a lot of interesting decorating choices — like popcorn ceilings, dark wood, and almond-colored everything. (What was so bad about white appliances?!) When we moved in, our condo definitely looked like 1982 in condo-form, but Ben was able to see through the cosmetic […]

The holidays have come and gone — and January already seems to be flying by! I have been so excited to begin sharing new recipes, and then I realized… I skipped right over the holiday season! Last month, Ben and I traveled home for the holidays. Because Ben is a Business Instructor, he has a full month off […]

I’m a little embarrassed to say, Ben and I returned from our vacation a few weeks ago, and I finally feel like I’m all caught up! There was so much to do when we returned home… but now, I officially feel like I can breathe again! It’s still hard to believe we celebrated our anniversary in Europe! Throughout our entire […]