Most days, you can find me caring for my baby herb garden, trying a new plant-based, vegan recipe, attending hot yoga classes — and of course, serving creative women in business as Co-Founder of With Grace and Gold. People often refer to me as a silly, "Dad Joke" teller who loves Jesus, my husband, and encouraging others to follow their dreams wholeheartedly. 

I love serving the world by encouraging, educating, and serving women — whether through the wellness tips I provide here, or through the services we provide at With Grace and Gold. Here, I aim to inspire people to design a life they love and feel proud of — through the exploration of lifestyle, beauty, wellness, travel, decor, and more! 

As a blogger, I've been featured by diverse publications, namely: Emily Ley, Day Designer, Lauren Kelp, and She Did it Her Way Podcast. I love partnering with businesses that produce vegan beauty and wellness products.

When I'm not busy working, I absolutely love:

• Reading about health and wellness and trying new recipes of my own. 
• Spending quality time with my sweet husband Ben. (We love kayaking and biking together!)
• Traveling to unique places and learning about culture.

I'm so glad you're here, and I hope we can connect

Hi, I'm Kelly!

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Fast Facts


yoga is my happy place

i follow a plant-based diet


We've lived in Eau Claire since 2013!

I love using ingredients from our garden!

I attend classes nearly every day!

I'm a collector of passport stamps!