Hi, there! I'm Kelly! I am a 29-year-old designer and university-level entrepreneurship educator. 

I have a true appreciation for "the little things." From fresh flowers from the farmers' market to long walks with my husband Ben, I aim to celebrate and shine a light on the little blessings that make life so sweet. For me, that's what is all about!

Since 2013, I have been honored to explore topics including lifestyle, beauty, wellness, travel, and decor. Since then, has grown to serve thousands of diverse readers every month. 

When I'm not designing or teaching, I love: kayaking and biking with my husband Ben, hot yoga classes, photography, travel - and trying new, vegan recipes!


Here on Kelly Zugay, I have loved sharing inspiration in lifestyle, beauty, wellness, decor, and travel since 2013. Kelly Zugay aims to serve as a resource for diverse women, who are ready to create a balanced, happy lifestyle. 

From vegan, plant-based recipes to easy-to-apply decor tips, Kelly Zugay is a place for finding your happy place and pursuing your best life. 

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Summer is just around the corner; a season filled with travel, fresh recipes from my garden, and colorful summer accessories. Here are my top picks:

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